Welcome to DIFO!

DIFO Reunions!

April 19th from 3:00-5:30 at SF State Main Library Events Room
May 8th from 6-8:30 pm at Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley

Come hear about the results of the research part of DIFO, purchase a copy of the DIFO book for only $5, and/or re-unite with DIFO group members and share the journey you have been on since your group ended.

RSVP to Deborah Craig (dcraig@lmi.net)

DIFO Groups Starting in January 2015!

We are hoping to offer at least two new DIFO groups early next year. Go to the contact page and let us know if you would like to be on the waiting list for a group in the east bay or San Francisco.

Three groups wrapped up in November of 2014. Here’s a group shot from the one held at Openhouse in San Francisco.

And the El Cerrito group is almost done. Here are those lovely women.
ElCerritoDIFO1 2

DIFO Women of Color Group facilitator, Jana Rickerson, was featured in an interview with Openhouse. Click below to see the interview.


One of the east bay groups enjoyed a picnic in the Berkeley Hills as their final DIFO session:

For more information, contact Deborah Craig at dcraig@impaqint.com or by phone at 510-717-3382, or Mickey Eliason at meliason@sfsu.edu. Or you can go to the contact page on this website and send us a message.

DIFO Promotional Video
Click the play button below to see a segment of our final session in Santa Rosa. This will give you an idea of how DIFO benefits participants. The Santa Rosa group was part of a group called Rainbow Women, or lesbian/bisexual women who are living at a mainstream retirement community called Oakmont. They are a wonderful example of how older lesbian and bisexual women are intentionally creating communities as they retire.

Did you complete the Health Literacy Survey?
If so, go to the tab in the bar above for the survey to get information about entering the raffle and for results of the study when they are available.

DIFO on the radio

Listen to Marilyn Pittman’s interview with Mickey Eliason on January 7th.   DIFO is making history!

Here is the link to the podcast:  DIFO on KALW Out in the Bay podcast

For New or Potential Community Members

DIFO is a federally funded research study that includes community building events for all older lesbian/bisexual women, and a 12 week health education and support group for older women of size. The groups focus on improving quality of life and let you set your own individual goals.  We offer information and support about physical activity, nutrition, mindful eating, stress reduction, and topics specific to lesbian/bisexual women’s health. In addition to groups, you will be assigned a personal coach to help you with your individual goals.  We started the first set of face to face groups in October, 2013, and finished up in early 2014.  Our funding supports another wave of groups starting in March.  After that, stay tuned for our continuation plan.  If you know any wealthy lesbian/bisexual women who would like to fund the next wave of groups, or even just one group (about $2500), please send them our way.  We will be seeking additional grant funding, but that process is very slow.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to DIFO!

  1. What is always upsetting for me with these groups is the lack of Lesbian of Color and specifically Black Lesbian. My peers are dying of strokes, heart attacks, diabetes and other obesity related diseases. So I am wondering why we are not in these circles? I want to purpose that in the future we consider no group complete until we have WOC participants and we use all tools and adapt the attitude that no work will be done until we have true representation of the older women’s community

    • Hi Brenda,

      DIFO will be holding a group specifically for women of color starting this September in San Francisco. If you would like more information, please give me, Fairley Parson at Openhouse, a call at (415) 728-0193 or email: fairley@openhouse-sf.org. I also wonder if you have any interest in helping us with outreach. Please so let me know! In Solidarity, Fairley

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